Furniture that Sparks Conversation

At Elwood Design we create handmade furniture and home goods that inspire joy, spark conversation, and bring people together.

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Less is More

Just because something is necessary, doesn’t mean it

shouldn’t be beautiful. My goal is to bring beauty and joy

into your everyday spaces.

Built for Life

When you think of a family heirloom, you think of

something fragile, hidden from the reaches of your kids. I

focus on building custom furniture out of solid hardwood

construction to create timeless pieces you’ll  be able to

pass on to your grandkids.

Curated with Care

No matter what you order, from an ice cream

scoop to a 10 foot dining room table, each piece is

designed and made by me. Handcrafted with your

specific needs in mind and it’s my hope that every

time you touch it, you’re inspired.

What I Do

Custom designs for
your favorite spaces.

Handcrafted Furniture
Home Goods
Art Pieces

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Don’t hesitate to reach out. Whether it’s a question about a custom build,or you just want to start an initial conversation, I would love to help.

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